Monday, 28 July 2014

Steins;Gate New Novel to be postponed...But!

There are some picture STEINS;GATE to have a peek *weee*...The setting for 'STEINS;GATE - The Committee of Antimatter -' is 6 years after the events of the original game and will be on sale on 25 September. The coolest thing is that every character looks grown up other than Suzuha =)

Back (Suzuha Amane & Nae Tennouji?)
Front (Okabe Rintarou & Kurisu Makise)

Left to Right (Ruka Urushibara, Faris Nyannyan, Moeka Kiryu)


Shingeki no Kyojin x Lawson Campaign starts 8 Aug!!

Shingeki no Kyojin and Lawson is having a joint campaign which will start on 8 August until 25 August. If you are in Japan during this period, go and your luck in their lucky draw. There are limited Levi and Eren figurine and lots more to win. But before that, there are three courses (Beverage Course, Candy Course & Karaage-kun Stamp Rally Course) to join and also require to collect points and register it online to participate the lucky draw! (Click the link below for more details)

For more detail follow the link below on how to participate (Japanese):

Limited Original Goods (To be Sold)



Sunday, 6 July 2014

Cosfest XIII Day 1 & 2 (Singapore)

The last time Cosfest will be held in Downtown East, hope they would held there again when the renovation is done. It left a lot of fond memories for my friends and me since 2004 (most of them already left the otaku world haha) and that really got me into cosplay photography too. Well, took me 6 years to save up my money to buy a DSLR camera.

Old story aside.... Both day were hot, humid and a slight rain to stop the open field picture taking on Day 2. The back building were taken up the pro with their cool equipment already setup (I dream of having those myself *saving $$*). The place were crowded with photographers, cosplayers and fellow otakus. Everyone was having fun and so do I. Been out with a dislocated right shoulder and sprained back from a fall so I was happy to be back taking pics of cosplayers ^____^v

My assessment for Cosfest, the booths look more organized than last year but still can be improve. The main stream booth sold anime merchandise and etc while smaller booth were selling badges, pins, postcard and a few of doujin. I wish the doujinshi culture in Singapore would boom like in Thailand or Taiwan, want to see SG artist showing off their stuff too. I find putting cosplay props display and cardboard walls in the middle of the tent made it less spacious which was hard to move around especially during raining period. Lastly, inside the tent on Day 2 was really warm >_< don't know if they really switch on the air-con or fan...However, it was fun and nice outside other than the rain =,="" More space for cosplayers and photographers to move around. If you ask nicely the cosplayers would be happy to pose for you! Oh remember to say "THANK YOU" to them too.

Anyway here are link to my Album:
Cosfest 2014 Day 1   Cosfest 2014 Day 2

Here are some shots I took on Day 1 & 2:



Friday, 27 December 2013

Nakano Broadway & Pixiv Gallery Event

It was my first trip to Nakano but It was cut short since I had to sudden meet up with my friend at Ikebukuro. Therefore, decided to go for round two the next day with intention to buy since I have a jotted down the price in Ikebukuro & Nakano.

Levi looking pissed @ Nakano's Lashinbang store

I went to Mandrake and bought two Bungaku Shoujo aka Book Girl illustration book, Tari Tari (rare find) guide book and an old Haruhiko Mikimoto illustration book. Next, I went to a small figurine shop that sells unwanted stuff cheaply and I was pretty lucky to find "Macross 30th Anniversary" banner. That i had always wanted since my friend showed me early this year. The plastic was in a rough shape but the banner was still in good shape so bought it without second thought. Later, I tried to find my favorite retro poster shop but to my dismay it closed down. I went to the other poster shop for answer and they said, "Mandrake bought it". SHOCK 101%. It used to sell a lot of old anime in the 80s to early 2000s where cel animation was still used. That was where I got my "Kimagure Orange Road" posters and cheap cel animation from. But the good news is that "Lashinbang" opened two store at Nakano Broadway ^_^v so more competition for Mandrake! I bought a "Macross 30th Memorial Album", well not a real photo album ^_^"" but still pretty cool with a pictures of past to present Macross characters in it. Total loot spent: Y12,000.

An advice for serious figurine/illustration book buyers ONLY! Do take your time to find what you want. The prices differences can be between Y500 to Y2000 on each area. It is better to check Akiba for a rough or standard price before checking out Nakano or Ikebukuro (Do take note that Ikebukuro sells mostly girls stuff therefore you might find guy stuff cheaper at Ikebukuro's Lashinbang 2nd floor).


Opposite Lashinbang store, there was a Pixiv Gallery Event. I did not check the name of the artist. But he/she did a pretty job on the showcasing the artwork. There was a video of his/her doing coloring to the drawing. I will post a few of the work but do click my Facebook album below to see more.
Pixiv Gallery Photo

Pixiv Gallery

Monday, 23 December 2013

Bayonetta ~Bloody Fate~ Review

I should have posted this 2 weeks ago but I was having so much fun in Ikebukuro, Nakano and Shinjuku. Anyway, I managed to catch Bayonetta ~Bloody Fate~ Movie @ Ikebukuro Cinema. As usual the price of the ticket is expensive Y1,800 but for me it was worth it, since I am fan of Bayonetta. The movie had been screening for some times, I was watching on the a small theater about 75 sitter. There were only a handful of people watching but amazingly about 70% were girls @_@. A bit weird since it main target was for mostly guys. Also I didn't know Bayonetta had a strong female fan base in Japan. The movie had the same story plot as the game. However, I believed it would still be a decent animation movie for any fans ^__^v as for those that didn't play the game it might get confusing at some part of the plot in the movie. I would highly recommend for those that are into fighting anime or had played Bayonetta game. 

Aninmation: 9/10 very top notch stuff, produced by Gonzo.
Story: 6/10 same as the game but can be confusing for non-Bayonetta gamer
Seiyuu: 8/10 simply great, fits each character well but I played in English so not used to the J version
Fight Scene: 7/10 early on was fun to watch but after that it just slowed down and mostly fan service (Bayonetta vs Jean would be the highlight scene)
Music: 9/10 I enjoyed the BGM and the ending theme song was great (do watch the Ending MV, it was great)
I bought a mini movie illustration book:

Friday, 20 December 2013

Anime & Doujinshi Event in Japan 3

Area - Hokkaido

SNOWMIKU 2014 @ Sapporo, Oodori Park (2014/02/05 - 2014/02/11)
The event is held together with "Sapporo Snow Festival" so you can expect to see a Miku snow sculpture and many more beautiful sculpture. As for Miku fans, there would be stage event, Miku's tram car (which most of you have seen it on the net), goodies for sale and mini concert. For more update please visit the website or twitter.
Twitter: @cfm_snowmiku


Area - Iwate

Tono-Monogatari @ Aeria Tono (2014/03/02)
An all "Touhou doujinshi event only" being held at Iwate prefecture, Tono City. It starts at 12noon and ends at 3pm, guess this would be a small event catering for Touhou fans. As for now, there is not much information from the pamphlet or the website. You can expect more update and info on the website.
Twitter: @koromu_th
Google Map

Area - Osaka

大阪の陣 出撃します! (Osaka Camp Sortie!) @ ALFIC Osaka (2014/03/10)
An all Kantai Collection (Combined Fleet Collection) doujinshi event only. Begins at 11am and ends at 3pm. For those that is unfamiliar with Kantai Collection abbreviated as Kan Colle in Japan. From what I know It is originally an online card game where you play with card game with a moe looking kanmusu (Fleet Girl?). It is currently the new "it" thing with my otaku friends in Akiba. They gave me a poster of "Atago" and made me a fan of her (^_^"). They told me a new PSP game and anime is coming out next year.
More About Kan Colle:
Address: 〒 556-0013 Osaka-shi, Osaka Naniwa-ku Ebisuhon cho 1-8-20
Google Map

Cinderella Stage 2 @ Osaka OMM Building (Merchandise Mart), C Hall (2014/02/09)
For those "Idolmaster" fans, this is an Idolmaster doujinshi only event in Osaka. From 11.30am to 3pm (unconfirmed). Not much info about this event since I never visit it but from the recruitment of 150+ space. It would be a small/medium size event, you can expect a lot of Idolmaster fan made goodies!
Address: 〒 540-6591 Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Otemae 1-7-31
Google Map

This may be the last update for Anime & Doujinshi Event in Japan, unless I get my holiday ~_~" and also I am moving to Jakarta for work. Sigh~~~ gonna miss Singapore~~~ 

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Anime & Doujinshi Event in Japan 2

Area - Tokyo

Comitia 107 @ Tokyo Big Sight East Hall 5,6 (2014/02/12)
The doujinshi event will be held as the same place as Comiket but at a smaller scale. The event will start at 11am and ends at 4pm. This event held 4 times a year at Tokyo and other prefecture (Nagoya, Osaka, Niigata) with the intention for artist to create their original works by including restriction on sell parody or copy works from licensed anime/manga. You are also required to buy the guidebook (Y1000/Y1250) to gain access for the event unless you are under 12years ^__^.


Area - Nagoya

Nagoya Comitia 44 @ Nagoya Kokusai Kaigijyo (Nagoya Congress Center) (2014/04/30)
Same rules apply as above. But size wise it is much smaller.
Starts: 11am to 3.30pm
Address: Japan, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Atsuta Ward, Atsuta Nishimachi, 1-1
Google Map

Area - Shiga

Sakura High school - Welcome all New Students @ Toyosato Elementary School (2014/05/05)
A K-ON! only event with doujinshi & festival(?) being held. I did not go for this event but one of my friend that went had a very fun time. You were given a rare chance to explore the school where the cast of K-ON! had their fun time playing their songs. It would be a priceless journey for all K-ON! fans. Oh yeah, an advise from my friend, the space seats and space were for children so for adult it would be a squeeze.
Starts: 12noon - 4pm
Address: 〒529-1169 Shiga-ken, Inukami-gun, Toyosato-chō, Ishibatake, 518 Toyosato Elementary School.
Google Map